Vulcan Blockchain - All Changelogs

VULCAN Calculator

v2.27 – 19/3/2023
Added VUL conversion to daily Flex return

v2.26 – 12/3/2023
Added launch date selector

v2.25 – 2/2/2023
Couple of minor aesthetic changes to fields

v2.24 – 23/1/2023
Updated FLEX Volume slider to be 5mill increments
Added potential monthly and yearly FLEX calculations
Moved currency button up to be under the Vulcan value

v2.23 – 20/1/2023
Updated to only enter in current VUL amount to account for rebasing ending
Updated text in the VULCAN – Intro APY Rate and NEW FIXED/FLEX Structure section

v2.2 – 18/1/2023
Added new checkbox to allow user to enter their own VUL value without rebasing Modified some cosmetic styling

v2.1 – 9/1/2023
Added FLEX calculation

v2 – 7/1/2023
Updated form for new tokenomics

NODE Calculator

v1.2 – 26/03/2023
Layout updates

v1.1 – 20/01/2023
Updated CSS class for Node Rebase $ values text colour

v1 – 19/01/2023

PowerPool Calculator

v1 – 15/02/2023

PowerPool Simulator

v1.3 – 29/03/2023
Updated currency fields to text fields for UX reasons

Updated CSS design tweaks
Changed Low/High text to be more clear

v1.1 – 27/02/2023
Added Node stake into calc

v1 – 27/02/2023
Soft Launch

PowerPool Simulator

v1.2 – 23/03/2023
Added price sliderĀ 

v1.1 – 23/03/2023
Updated schedule to 12 months

v1 – 14/03/2023

Compound Interest Calculator

v1 – 26/02/2023

OOXY Calculator

v1.2 – 28/03/2023
Updated to new tokenomics

v1.1 – 28/03/2023
Added Tier Selection

v1 – 28/03/2023